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Understanding the needs of the client.
In its present form the law firm Graziadei offers clients comprehensive assistance and advice in commercial law and business, including in litigation.

The firm’s practice focuses in particular on the most advanced needs of modern enterprises, be it through providing highly specialised advice (such as opinions in connection with important day-to-day decisions or special one-off strategic transactions) or assistance in more general matters (due diligence, standard business contracts, etc.).  

In both cases the aim is to meet the expectations of the client, which is to obtain an immediately available product with the minimum of risk and at the lowest possible cost.
Agility, flexibility and strength of the network.
Right from its inception and despite natural and continuous growth, the firm's aim has always been to preserve an agile structure, capable of maintaining a constant, quick and personal dialogue with the client without being excessively formal. The firm is always open to adapting its own methods to the structure of the client, especially when the latter has its own in-house legal department. In fact, a key feature of our philosophy has always involved respecting the client's internal workings, balance and procedures and never seeking to impose methods, procedures or demands which, although theoretically justifiable, would constitute a futile burden from the client's operational standpoint.      

In recent years the firm has often adopted a secondment model, allocating certain resources to its most important clients on an exclusive basis.

The decision to maintain the firm at a reasonable size is however balanced by a network of contacts with top notch professional firms, guaranteeing all the necessary resources – and constant national and international coverage – for all types of transactions and advice.
Research as reflection and source of innovative solutions.
In addition to boasting consolidated experience in their areas of specialisation, the members of the firm hold other positions outside the firm or work with leading Italian universities. In fact, we firmly believe in the precious link between professional experience and academia, which enables issues to be tackled from a critical perspective, in depth and with up-to-date knowledge, hence paving the way to innovative and meditated solutions that can sense the needs of the client and - mainly in advanced and constantly evolving sectors - suggest the fastest and surest ways to tackle new developments and seize the attendant opportunities.
A professional in our firm never works alone. Joint discussion and examination of cases has always been a hallmark of our approach. We believe that constant comparison and assessment, including input from outside the actual team working on the matter (and without having to follow laborious internal procedures that at times needlessly increase costs), offers the best guarantee for a dynamic and flexible coming together of the professional skills that each problem may require, thereby constantly assuring a clear and global vision of the issues at stake.
Our clients.
Our clients are mainly medium-sized and large industrial and commercial enterprises, banks and financial institutions. Small companies and individual entrepreneur also use our services.